CPCA has developed Compliance resources for community clinics and health centers on a diverse array of topics. You can access those tools below. Please do share your feedback with our Compliance team and don't hesitate to contact us when we can be of assistance. You can also find out more information about our Compliance Officers Peer Network, listed below,, a quarterly meeting of compliance staff within health centers, covering Compliance hot topics and the issues of the day. 


Compliance 101 Toolkit

Provides a summary of health center program requirements, establishes a framework on how to develop a compliance program, and helps identify where to refer for answers to compliance issues.

Operational Site Visit Toolkit

Including sample site visit agenda, document request lists, questions to prepare your board and more, this is a comprehensive guide to help HRSA grantees prepare for and survive their HRSA Operational Site Visits.

Other Resources


CPCA Staff Contact

If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact Emily Shipman, Senior Program Coordinator of Health Center Operations, at eshipman@cpca.org or (916) 440-8170.

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