Workforce Resources

Building CHC Workforce Strategic Plans

CPCA, alongside the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), is developing a series of trainings and resources geared at helping CHCs assess their current workforce, identify gaps, and develop strategic workforce plans.

Health Professions Education and Training (HP-ET) Initiative

CPCA is working with HRSA to enhance health center readiness to train health professionals and “grow their own” workforce.

CHC Residency Road Map

The CHC Residency Road Map offers resources to develop and expand physician residency programs based in community health centers.

Compensation and Benefits Survey

The Compensation and Benefits Survey is conducted annually to collect key insights on community health center compensation structures.

Workforce Development Survey

Every other year, the Workforce Development Survey gathers key insights into workforce priorities, health professions training, and recruitment/retention strategies for CHCs.

Workforce Resource Packet

The workforce resource packet contains a warehouse of resources that support recruitment, retention, training, and staff resiliency in community health centers.

Prioritizing Workforce Development

CPCA is dedicated to creating a robust and diverse healthcare workforce that is responsive to and reflective of California’s diverse communities. As a result, we have implemented several initiatives to meet the workforce goals included in our strategic plan. Detailed information on key initiatives is located below.

CPCA Strategic Plan Workforce Goals:

  1. Promote the visibility of community based primary care workforce.
  2. Advance resources and support for primary care provider/staff training.
  3. Expand opportunities to support community members entering the health care workforce.
  4. Position community health centers as employers of choice.
  5. Grow and diversify health professions to better reflect California’s diverse communities.
  6. Reduce the barriers associated with hiring primary care providers.

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  • Nataly Diaz, Director of Health Center Operations,
  • Isaias Iniguez, Associate Director of Workforce Development & Special Populations,