2023 Workforce Development Survey

Submission Deadline: June 13, 2023

This survey is closed to submissions.

This groundbreaking initiative in partnership with Gallup aims to understand California's health center workforce priorities and needs while identifying strategies to enhance employee experiences within the workplace.

Participation in CPCA’s survey is crucial to ensure clinics across the state have access to a shared resource reflective of market trends while also providing a tool that strengthens a clinic’s employee experience to support the recruitment, retention, and training of staff within clinics.

Benefits for Participating Clinics

  • Leadership Briefing Webinar ($500 Value):
    Hosted by Gallup, this webinar will highlight key findings, trends, and recommendations to facilitate meaningful discussions within your leadership team.
  • Statewide Results ($3,000 Value):
    This comprehensive copy of the statewide survey results includes an action plan specifically tailored for health centers to implement targeted improvements.
  • Manager Training Opportunity ($500 Value):
    Your managers will have the opportunity to attend a specialized training session focused on supporting staff effectively and enhancing employee engagement and experience.
  • Leadership Engagement Workshop ($500 Value):
    This workshop will teach leaders how to build Engagement Champions in the workplace and arm them with knowledge and strategies for creating a culture that promotes engagement and support.
  • Access to Gallup’s Portal:
    Based on the results of the survey, this portal offers empowering tools for leaders and managers, includes Gallup’s research-backed templates and videos about the employee experience.