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Upon registering for an online training, you will receive two separate communications:
  1. An email from CPCA Training <training@cpca.org> containing the receipt immediately upon registration.  
  2. An email from CPCA Zoom <no-reply@zoom.us> with your Zoom link and a link to add the event directly to your calendar. We recommend you add it to your calendar upon receipt. 

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6/4/2024FinancialManagement+ Cohort 64FM2024
6/6/20242024 Compliance Officers Peer Network Meeting3PC060624
6/7/20242024 Dental Directors Peer Network Meeting (Virtual)3PDE061424
6/9/20242024 Region IX Clinical Excellence and Leadership Conference2WCN2024
6/12/2024Health Professions Education & Training Peer Network Meeting3PHP061224
6/12/2024Q2 - Social Determinants of Health Peer Network3PSD061324
6/13/2024Q2 - Behavioral Health Peer Network3PBH061324
6/17/2024CCBHC Statewide Summit: The Future of California CCBHCs1PC061724
6/18/20242024 Chief Financial Officer Peer Network Meeting3PCF061824
6/19/2024Q2 - Outreach and Enrollment (OE) Peer Network3POE061924
6/20/2024Clinics as Voting Centers & Ballot Drop-offs1WB062024A
6/20/2024Directed Payment Workgroup - June3WDP062024
6/20/2024Legislative & Regulatory Committee - June3CLR062024
6/24/2024MONTHLY: Clinical Task Force3TC062424
6/26/2024340B Peer Network - June3P3B062624
6/26/20242024 CPCA Licensing and OSHPD 3 Workgroup Meeting3WL062624
6/27/20242024 Human Resources Peer Network Meeting (Virtual)3PHR062724
6/27/2024Change Management And Leadership Systems For Lasting Change1WI060524
6/28/2024Climate Change and Health Equity: Advancing Racial Justice4ODH092523
6/28/2024Climate Resiliency: Leveraging Funding Opportunities For CHC4ODH112523
6/28/2024CYBHI Virtual Services and E-Consults Platforms Webcast4ODI042624
6/28/2024Real-World Patient-Care Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes1WI062824
6/28/2024WEBCAST: Collaborative Partnerships Under CalAIM1WI050824
7/17/2024Q2 - SPAR PN & OEPN Joint Meeting3PS050824
7/18/2024Directed Payment Workgroup - July3WDP071824
7/25/2024JEDI Peer Network July Meeting3PJ072524
7/31/2024340B Peer Network - July3P3B073124
8/1/2024Q3 - Managed Care Task Force3TMC080124
8/7/2024Q3 - SPAR PN3PS080724
8/14/2024Q3 - Health Information Technology (HIT) Peer Network3PHT081424
Effective 11/1/21: No refunds will be available for cancellations received on or after 10 business days before the start date of the event/training. To receive a maximum refund of 50% of the registration price prior to this deadline, all cancellations must be in writing and submitted by emailing training@cpca.org. Substitutions of registrations in lieu of cancellation is encouraged.
“No Shows” are non-refundable.

Effective Wednesday, December 1, 2021: the “Pay Later” option will no longer be available when registering for trainings or events that have a fee associated with them. Payment will be required at the time of registration via credit card. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please email us at training@cpca.org.